About Us

About Us

GoodIdeo is good for Business

Anyone who has set up a web site to promote their business knows the challenges.  You must design and set up a web site and then promote and market the site.  Many companies invest in SEO (search engine optimization) or PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaigns to try to drive traffic to their web site.   This process can be expensive and time consuming.  Accepting payments online can also be challenging.  GoodIdeo simplifies the process.

GoodIdeo is a site where you can set up your online store in minutes and instantly be part of a large community of buyers and sellers.  Your store will be visible to anyone visiting the GoodIdeo Marketplace.  GoodIdeo provides many tools to promote your products and services.

Promotional Tools

External links

If you already have a separate web site for your company, you can include links on your GoodIdeo pages to direct buyers to your web site.  This will give you more exposure to your site and help with search engine traffic to your site (search engines like Google will give you a higher ranking if there are more external links to your site). 

Fixed links

Once you set up a member site (online store) and product pages (postings), you will see a page link to your GoodIdeo pages (e.g.  http://www.goodideo.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=2).  This link will not change and so you can also direct others to your products using these links.

Email others

Each product page (posting) has a button to "Email this post".  This is one of the fastest ways to let others know you are on GoodIdeo. 

Like on Facebook

These days, everyone knows the power of social networking.  Clicking the "Like" button on your product page will let your friends on Facebook know your product is available on GoodIdeo.

Community search

As soon as you create a member page and product pages on GoodIdeo, visitors will be able to see your items when searching.  Remember to use good descriptions and images for your products and services.  Complete postings will attract buyers faster.

Accepts payments with ease

Many people who wish to sell products online go through the process of accepting credit card payments.  If you already have a site that accepts credit card payments, you can simply add links in GoodIdeo to direct buyers to these pages.  However, if you don't currently accept credit cards, GoodIdeo has a simple way for your to accept payments securely.  When setting up product pages, you can select an option to add a "Buy Now" button to your pages.  When buyers click this button, they will be given simple instructions to pay through PayPal.  All you need is a PayPal account.

Save on setting up a web site

As mentioned, setting up a web site can be time consuming and expensive and it does not guarantee success.  Setting up a store in GoodIdeo can give you an online presence quickly so you can start attracting business.

Stay current

We at GoodIdeo are constantly improving the site and adding tools to help you promote your business.  You don't need to do anything.  As improvements are made, they simply appear on your GoodIdeo pages.


Your member page will include a Google maps letting buyers know where you are located.  You can choose to include street information to show more detail.